“Gourmet Legacy” is a single player with local or remote coop (including a 4 players online or local arena), Roguelite, Hack-N-Slash with cookery simulation-styled mini games and restaurant management in 3d bird-eye view. In 10 words: “Hunt ingredients and cook them all in the family restaurant.” This way the game itself is virtually endless. Biomes, mini-games, arena mode and recipes grinding allow you to play for ingredients collection or to become the Greatest Wonder Chef of them all.


  • Unique and recognizable art style.
  • Hunt fantastic beasts (called Ingredibeast) and harvest improbable flora (called Veggiemals) as part of your ingredients collection.
  • Find the real value of every ingredient by preparing custom recipes to insert in your family restaurant's menu and increase your gourmet value.
  • Freely combine ingredients in many ways and create unique recipes with custom effects between billions of combinations and tasty variants.
  • Expand your traveling restaurant with bigger and cooler beasts of burden, fancy furnishings and high quality courses.
  • Death as a part of the game; genetic traits, equipment and the restaurant itself passed on as an inheritance, gameplay after gameplay, to your heir.


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About Red Koi Box

Red Koi Box is and Italian indipendent game studio.
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Gourmet Legacy Credits

Fabio Greotti
Programming, Animations and Design
Giovanni Ballerini
Additional Programming, Art Direction, Modelling and Materials
Antonio Cantarin
Sound Designer and Music Composer
Giacomo Sala
Business Developer, Game Designer
Riccardo Vella
Artist, Freelancer
Giovanni Sala
Concept Artist