“The Iris Project” is a single player story driven first person 3D adventure game with multiple endings. The gameplay is inspired by the modern 3D adventure game genre and is characterized by a strong presence of environmental puzzles and game world exploration.


  • A thrilling and original sci-fi story that will take you in what seems to be a futuristic spaceship.
  • Puzzles, puzzles everywhere. Explore the environment and solve clever puzzles to progress in your journey.
  • Gorgeous graphics and advanced physics.
  • Live an immersive experience without the presence of an intrusive HUD.
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Spatial audio designed to maximize immersion in the game world.


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About Red Koi Box

Red Koi Box is and Italian indipendent game studio.
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The Iris Project Credits

Fabio Greotti
Programming, Animations and Design
Giovanni Ballerini
Additional Programming, Art Direction, Modelling and Materials
Antonio Cantarin
Sound Designer and Music Composer
Giacomo Sala
Business Developer, Game Designer
Riccardo Vella
Artist, Freelancer
Giovanni Sala
Concept Artist
Laura Lofaro
Concept Artist